Mac - Small Town Texas BBQ Review

Mac has a great Youtube channel and Instagram account where he highlights his different methods of barbequing. He's made some tasty looking meals with our seasonings and its an honor to have him review our products. If you are looking for some inspiration, make sure to check out his page! 

"After a few weeks of putting these spices and rubs through a few different applications I've come to the conclusion that everything I was sent is excellent. With many of the ingredients being organic and sustainably grown and produced not to mention non-GMO the flavors just pop.

The taco seasoning really enhances the flavor of ground meats - especially ground chuck. When I cooked my beef on my cast iron comal over live fire it kicked it up even further.

The Paniolo BBQ Rub was great on burgers as well as my first tri tip and it worked well in a quick cook scenario with temps ranging from 300° to 500° F without being scorched or acquiring a burnt flavor. Both meats remained juicy and were enhanced by the rub. The great thing about this rub is that it isn't like so many others out there. With the Alaea Salt and Kauai Coffee it really stands out.

I made some wonderful cilantro rice with the House Bouillon that my family was raving over. The rice didn't last long. Love the color that it imparts and the delicious flavor as well.

The Texas BBQ rub is also very reminiscent of what you'd find at Mom and Pop BBQ joints here in Texas sprinkled on beef or pork for a low and slow smoke session. With the purveyors being from Texas it's no wonder they got this just right.

I have one left to taste and that's the All Purpose Seasoning. After trying 4 out of 5 it is a safe bet that it will be another hit.

I recommend these Rubs and Seasonings without reservation and would love to hear your own experiences with these great products.

Thanks so much to my friends at La Morena for sending these samples to me."