Quality of Our Hawaiian Alaea Salt

 All blends contain this true Hawaiian-style sea salt. Our Alaea salt is solar evaporated Pacific sea salt combined with purified red Hawaiian clay from the island of Kauai. Traditionally used for its moisture-retaining and flavor-enhancing properties. It is SQF Certified, conforms to HACCP and GMP standards, OU Kosher Pareve Certified and compliant to Codex Standards for Food Grade Salt. Optically cleaned inspection with state of the art technology. 

Superior Grade Sea Salt

*Natural Occurring Minerals and Electrolytes

*Lower Sodium Content

*Rich in Iron Oxide

*Smooth Flavor

Currently microplastics are found at deeper sea levels each year, some even at 15,000 feet below sea level. This makes it is essential that every grain of salt is inspected to ensure premium quality and pollutants have been removed such as the Alaea that we use in our blends.